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    We provide full control over costs and constant access to financial data

    Full control over expenses

    Thanks to the built-in platform for settlements with ONYX carriers, we provide full control over expenses and unlimited access to financial data


    12 631,00 EUR

    4 350,95 EUR

    Unlimited access to data on current and completed shipments, allowing you to monitor transport costs

    The ONYX platform has a built-in module for automatic invoicing of orders, without the need for manual data entry. Invoices are issued in accordance with sender requirements and the KSeF system.

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    92 631 EUR
    Cost of completed
    Current shipments
    8254 EUR
    Cost of current

    transport confirmation

    Settlements are based on electronic waybills, providing immediate transport confirmation and the ability to settle with carriers.

    All without the need to send documents and risk their loss. Simple, fast, efficient.

    Join ONYX and generate savings on lower delivery costs

    how ONYX TMS works