Guarantee of direct orders from carriers. Safely, comprehensively without charging multiple commissions

without intermediaries

Currently, on transport exchanges, 90% of offers are posted by freight forwarders - intermediaries, who impose their high margins. ONYX reduces the supply chain to a minimum and creates the logistics of the future. The order is always directly from the carrier who is the client. 100% fair and comprehensive.

ONYX minimizes the supply chain





Transport cost

Searching for orders that would be the most profitable for a transport company requires hiring a person in a logistics position. This generates additional costs, and there are also cases where the human factor can be unreliable.

A logistician cannot match the computational power of a machine, being slower in the procedure of comparing hundreds or even thousands of orders.

Order search

The system is built to fully automatically search for and match orders to vehicles in the carrier's fleet, based on their location and available space.
Orders can be managed from the platform level, giving direct supervision and insight into statuses and contact with the sender.
All orders are archived. You have access to view them at any time.

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Additionally, ONYX allows for order imports. After uploading, our system optimizes them and matches only to selected vehicles in the carrier's fleet. No more manual calculations on maps!

Order control and direct contact with the sender

Thanks to our TMS, you get access to orders directly from senders. Our engine tailors proposals specifically for your vehicle. You don't have to search for anything. We'll find the orders for you.

how ONYX TMS works