ONYX TMS allows for better utilization of all available vehicles and drivers to increase the profitability of transportation.

Real-time fleet management. Complete control over vehicles, drivers, and loads.

Thanks to integration with telematics systems, our software continuously monitors the progress of task execution and the condition of the vehicle.

ONYX TMS provides profitability indicators based on the current company situation and transportation market, enabling a thorough analysis of revenues and costs.


Vehicle Status

Progress in Orders

Profitability Listing

Detailed monitoring
of order progress

Live information from vehicles shows the status of ongoing orders, enabling immediate response in crisis situations.

Distance from the goal

126 KM

Remaining time

1h 12m

Loading point

00-902 Warszawa

Modern mobile app for your fleet drivers

A special mobile app combines navigation features, automatic status updating, and reporting with direct communication tools for both ONYX TMS for drivers and the dispatcher.

Vehicle Location


Communication with Driver

Electronic Bill of Lading

Download the app for your phone

Our app is available for drivers from companies that have an account with ONYX TMS.

Thanks to historical data, we have quick access to completed orders and documentation of a specific vehicle

706 947 km

The vehicle card allows for the addition of information regarding insurance and technical inspections

The ONYX TMS system notifies about upcoming insurance or technical inspection dates.

until 23rd Jul 2024

In case of a need to expand the fleet, we'll prepare a leasing offer for a new vehicle

We operate flexibly. If you wish to expand your fleet, we'll prepare an offer for you in collaboration with our partner Grupa DBK, tailored to your needs.

Support in granting leases is provided by:

From now on, intuitive fleet management becomes a pleasure

ONYX TMS will allow you to manage vehicle orders, verify order statuses, and analyze profitability. All wrapped in a smart and intuitive system.

how ONYX TMS works